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劉先生履新前,任職香港理工大學學生發展處處長,為超過三萬名全時間本科生及研究生提供學生支援及發展之服務。 劉先生於一九七五年受浸加入基督教九龍五旬節會,多年來在教會忠心事奉,擔任值理會主席、主日學教師、青少年導師及參與講道服侍。劉先生亦為音樂創作人,參與基督教現代粵語詩歌的寫作,已灌錄及出版之作曲及或填詞作品約一百首,主要輯錄於香港基督徒音樂事工協會出版之《齊唱集》。

Mr. Lau Kwok Wai Simon

Appointed by the Chung Chi College as the Acting Chaplain

Term of office: 2018 to the present

Mr. Simon Lau is a 1983 marketing graduate of Chung Chi College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He obtained a master’s degree in marketing management from Macquarie University of Australia in 1998 and a Master’s degree of Christian Study in Alliance Bible Seminary in 2005.

Mr. Lau commits himself for pastoring young people as his lifelong mission. After graduating from the university, he has devoted himself to the student evangelical movement and educational ministry. He served as a member of Board of Director and later appointed as the General Secretary of the Hong Kong Fellowship of Evangelical Students. After leaving the post, he re-entered the business sector and participated in the East Asia Region of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) as a senior consultant and served as a finance committee member of the IFES International Board. For many years, he has been actively promoting student ministry locally and globally. Apart from this, Mr. Lau is also responsible for the local education ministry. He started to serve as a school manager of government aided school in the early 1980s. In the past 30 years, he has served as board of director of school sponsoring bodies, member of school founding committees, school manager and school supervisor in 5 school sponsoring bodies. Mr. Lau is currently the School Supervisor of Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School and Lai Chack Middle School.

Mr. Lau has over 20 years of top management experience and has served as Chief Operation Officer of Greater China and Managing Director of Asia in large scaled multinational corporations. With experience in managing multinational brands in Greater China and Asia, as well as international platforms, Mr. Lau has earned abundant learning and understanding in managing international brands and working with multi-ethnic teams in a cross-cultural environment.

Prior to his appointment in Chung Chi College, Mr. Lau worked as the Head of the Student Development of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, providing student support and development services to over 30,000 full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Mr. Lau was immersed in the Kowloon Pentecostal Church in 1975. He has served faithfully in the church for many years, serving as the chairman of the church committee, a Sunday school teacher, a youth master and participating in delivering sermons. Mr. Lau is also a song author, involving in the writing of Christian Modern Cantonese Hymn. About 100 songs written by Mr. Lau as composer and/or lyricist have been recorded and published, and mainly collected in the “Singing Together” published by the Hong Kong Association of Christian Music Ministry Ltd.