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平安夜燭光崇拜 2021:
Christmas Eve Candle Light Service 2021:
This will be a sign for you

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service: This will be a sign for you

The Chaplain’s Office will organize the Christmas Eve Candle Light Service. All are welcome.

2021年 校園報佳音 – Campus Caroling 2021

2021年 校園報佳音
Campus Caroling 2021
Date: 17 December, 2021
時間:5:30pm – 7:00pm
Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
場地:新亞書院> 聯合書院> 賽馬會研究生宿舍第二/三座> 賽馬會研究生宿舍第一座> 利樹培堂、文質堂、何善衡夫人宿舍(何草三宿)
Venue: New Asia College> United College> Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall 2, 3> Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall 1> Lee Shu Pui Hall, Wen Chih Tang, Madam S.H.Ho Hall

【管風琴音樂會 及 頌唱晚禱崇拜】• Aqua Voice
【Pre-Evensong Organ Concert & Choral Evensong Service】• Aqua Voice

崇基校牧室將於6月27日(星期日) 4:30pm-6:00pm舉行「管風琴音樂會」 及 「頌唱晚禱 (Evensong) 崇拜」。源自中世紀的修道院禱告傳統,「頌唱晚禱崇拜」以優雅而莊嚴的合唱音樂頌唱崇拜當中大部份的禮文。歡迎任何人士到臨崇基學院禮拜堂參加由崇基學院音樂系本科生組成的室內合唱團Aqua Voice及管風琴手李梓諾、梁樂柔為大家呈獻的音樂禮讚。

Save the date! Organized by the Chaplain’s Office of Chung Chi College, Aqua Voice (a chamber choir formed by undergraduate students of the Music Department) will join hands with two very talented undergraduate organists of the Music Department and present a“Pre-Evensong Organ Concert & Choral Evensong Service”on June 27 (Sun) 4:30pm-6:00pm. Based on the daily services held in the medieval Church, Choral Evensong has been frequently sung in the Anglican Church since the 16th Century. Anyone is welcomed to join us for an exquisite, reflective and contemplative service at Chung Chi College Chapel!

【聖靈降臨節音樂會】 • 鍾一諾 + Jezrael Lucero
【Pentecost Concert】 • Roger Chung + Jezrael Lucero

【聖靈降臨節音樂會】 • 鍾一諾 + Jezrael Lucero

為慶祝現代粵語詩歌陪伴信徒四十載,崇基校牧室邀得著名福音歌唱家鍾一諾及鋼琴大師Jezrael Lucero於聖靈降臨節前夕呈獻一場詩歌及福音音樂會,與大家一同思想神的恩典,祈求神的祝福。

只此一場 ! 敬請預先網上登記留座。首四十名網上登記並出席音樂會人仕將可獲贈紀念品一份。

【Pentecost Concert】 • Roger Chung + Jezrael Lucero
In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Cantonese Contemporary Christian Music, the Chaplain’s Office of Chung Chi College is organizing an intimate concert. Premier gospel vocalist Roger Chung and piano maestro Jezrael Lucero will put together a program of hymns and gospel songs to reflect upon God’s grace and to pray for God’s blessings this Pentecost eve.

One Night Only! Act now and reserve your seat online! The first 40 registrants attending the concert in person will each receive a souvenir.

All are welcome!

Midday Oasis Lunchtime Concerts in February

精彩音樂會陸續有來!歡迎大家逢星期一下午1:30 – 1:55分瀏覽以下網頁 ,欣賞「午間心靈綠洲」音樂會,於網上一起「停一停,想一想,再重新出發」。2月1日,黃德釗博士 (色士風)與曾捷麗博士(鋼琴)會為大家帶來一個「全巴赫」音樂會。曲目包括巴赫《A小調小提琴協奏曲,作品1041: 第一樂章》、巴赫《A小調無伴奏長笛組曲,作品1013: 第三樂章》及當代作曲家兼色士風大師米沙 (Jean-Denis Michat) 創作的《回到巴赫》。2月8日,著名男中音林俊及鋼琴家楊莉莉將會為大家送上多首出色的聲樂作品。歡迎各位於網上觀看逢星期一舉行的「午間心靈綠洲」直播音樂會!

More great concerts coming up! Click on this link at 1:30pm on Mondays and enjoy these livestream Midday Oasis performances! On February 1, you will hear an “All-Bach” concert by Dr. Wong Tak Chiu (Saxophone) & Dr. Cherry Tsang (Piano). The duo will perform Bach’s Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041 (First Movement), Bach’s Flute Partita in A minor, BWV 1013 (Third Movement), and also Jean-Denis Michat’s “Back to Bach”. On February 8, renowned Baritone Albert Lim & Pianist Lily Yeung will buy you a delightful program of vocal music. Do join us for these wonderful concerts online at 1:30pm on Mondays!

* 二月份所有音樂會將以網上直播形式進行,崇基學院禮拜堂不設現場觀看音樂會安排。
* As Chung Chi College Chapel is temporarily closed to the public, all concerts in February will be offered live-streamed only.

冬令營 – 2021


A winter retreat camp was held by the Chaplain’s Office with the support of Chung Chi Fellowship from 4 to 5 January 2021 with the first day at Breakthrough Youth Village and the second day online. Students reflected on the feeling and meaning of interpersonal distance, intrapersonal distance, and spiritual distance under the pandemic.